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Snow Angels by John Thompson – a review

February 2, 2012

Do not be lulled by the sweet title of this book, this is a graphic and violent story of murder, rape and brutality. Set in Finland, I found reading about the culture very interesting. Life is harsh and alcohol plays a big part of everyday life in winter. Inspector Kari Vaara is head of the […]

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‘Where would I be without you?’-Guillaume Musso

April 15, 2011

Only just translated into English, Guilliaume Musso’s book ‘Where would I be without you?’ will keep most people enthralled from the beginning until the end. Musso has sold a staggering eight million books in less than seven years and this latest book sold a million copies just in France. Firstly I must say don’t be […]

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‘One Day’ by David Nicholls-Book review

March 22, 2011

Sitting in my draft posts for months I thought what better time to post this than when I am for once lost for words… I have had my eye on this book for ages after seeing all the positive reviews so when I saw it reduced just before Christmas I snapped it up quickly. The […]

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Hector and the Secrets of Love by Francois Lelord- a Book review

March 8, 2011

Recently translated from French into English and published by Gallic Books, we follow Hector’s Journeys where he travels half way round the world looking for the secrets of love. Written by Francois Lelord, a psychiatrist who has had a successful  career in France and USA, this is the second of Hector’s adventures. Hector is a […]

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Bedtime Stories and a competition

March 8, 2011

I have always loved reading stories to my children, in fact I have spent the day planning and looking forward to a particular bedtime story many many times. I love the joy it gives and I love being immersed in the innocent story that takes you out of the day to day grind. So I […]

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Parenting Tips- Encouraging children to read

February 11, 2011

Having gone through the ‘learning to read’ process four times so far,  I thought I would share my tips for getting children reading and enjoying it, some may seem obvious, others not so. Frequently people ask me how they can get their children to read but more often than not it is the reading material […]

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My Favourite Book-Friday Club Carnival

January 28, 2011

How on earth do you choose one favourite book ever? I can’t , I really couldn’t. I started reading at a very young age and have never stopped but I have to admit as an adult although I read lots of fabulous books that I love, I never read them again. So, I can only […]

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Book Review- ’61 Hours’

January 3, 2011

I knew when I saw this book at Charing Cross station,London ( where I tend to buy most of my books on a whim) that I would like it. I’m easily taken in by a cover- so gullible!! Then turning to look at the back I was told to “Get ready for the most exciting […]

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A New Year, New Goals?

December 31, 2010

Every year I tell myself don’t make any New Years resolutions because they are sure to fail but secretly hope that the changes I want to make will miraculously happen…. they never do of course. What I do know is that 2011 will bring lots of changes to our life. There were a lot of […]

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‘Knots & Crosses’ with some Chocolate on the side-A review

December 28, 2010

A while ago I was sent a book to read along with some delicious Galaxy chocolate, time for me…..time to relax and do nothing but indulge in beautiful words and smooth melt in the mouth chocolate…..what could be better? Unfortunately life in a household with five children doesn’t always allow that ….it’s not actually finding […]

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