New mums need support in losing weight-Or do they?

So, what do we all think about the news headline today? New mums need support in losing weight and want government backing! Please, surely there are better ways to spend public money, aren’t there?

Apparently research carried out by the Royal College of Midwives and the parenting website found that 61% of new mums claim they are not given enough advice on healthy eating and losing weight after giving birth. Do we really need to be told though? Is that good use of an already strained budget?

Yes, how many of us feel under pressure to lose all that baby weight the minute we’ve given birth, especially when we see celebrities manage to walk out the maternity hospital looking thinner than they did before they even got pregnant.

We all need to use our common sense though, some people are just genetically like that. Meanwhile the majority of us have to work at it a little and practice some restraint. We should all know that if we eat too much chocolate, too many biscuits or have portions the size of Mount Everest then it’s going to take a lot longer, if ever, for that weight to drop off. Lets not forget that the weight serves a purpose too, womens bodies are designed to breast feed their newborn baby thus shedding, you hope, excess weight fairly easily. It didn’t help me but then I know I have a tendency to overeat at times. Chocolate digestives taste sooo good when you are breastfeeding!

I agree that while the increase in obesity and gaining excess weight in pregnancy is a worry because of the impact it can have on babies and women during birth but that is an entirely separate issue. However, we have got to stop feeling guilty for everything we do. My weight has has gone up and down so many times that I’ve lost count but I know where I’m going wrong and also what I should be doing to prevent that. It is hard, but we also need to start becoming accountable for our own actions and not rely on someone else to bail us out from something that should really be common sense.

Rant over!


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Blueberry Bean Massage Classes & Parties

Many years ago I went to baby massage classes with Big E who was a terrible sleeper. He loved having a massage after a bath and before bed. Massage can aid relaxation, sleep problems and even colic in babies. I have just heard about Blueberry Bean Baby Massage classes and Parties, mobile classes around Richmond and South West London. The classes are for newborn babies to one year old.

Soon they are going to be offering classes based on creative dance and ballet technique for toddlers. I certainly wish I could have taken my children to classes like that when they were smaller.

Take a look at the website Blueberry Bean for more information


My favourite photo-The Gallery

I couldn’t pick one favourite photo…..I have so many but I love this memory and it was such a sweet occasion…..Little M with Big E and Big C.

As some of you know, earlier this year I had a disaster when transferring photos from an external hard drive to my laptop. I knocked the hard drive on the floor and kapoot!! It was dead. It was shaken, examined, heads were scratched and Twitter was pleaded to… no avail, it seemed the only way the photos may possibly be recovered was to send away the hard drive, a very costly exercise with no guarantees that it would work. The hard drive contained years of photos including the ones of Little M’s birth. I only had the ones that I had put into a photo book.

Then, miracles of miracles happened……a couple of days ago I thought I had accidentally deleted a photo I wanted, so I went to the trash and…… found all the photos from the hard drive in there!! I’ve no idea how they got there… fact some were there at least three times. To say I am so happy is an understatement and it’s for times like the one depicted in the photos……the memory of that day was etched in my mind but I am thrilled to actually see it again.

These have been posted for The Gallery, an online gallery of photos all using the same prompt given by Tara at Sticky Fingers. This week’s prompt being ‘Favourite Photo’ .

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Ever since I can remember I have wanted to be a mum……I was still playing with dolls when I was twelve. I used to wish so hard that they would come alive at night….yes I lived in that Enid Blyton fantasy world of cuddly toys and dolls bouncing around at night, going on midnight feasts and of them dancing with  fairies  in the garden around red topped toadstools… I was a bit of a dreamer- can you tell?

When I was only twenty one  I was expecting  my first child. We bought a lovely quaint Victorian terraced cottage that needed everything imaginable doing to it, but I loved it. I prepared the nest for our baby, painting old furniture lovingly for him, washing the clothes in preparation. Every day I would take out the little vests and babygros hugging them trying to imagine a baby in them. I was so excited.

At ten days overdue  I woke up with some niggling pains…..I just knew that this was the day, I could barely contain my excitement. I was calm, just excited. I wasn’t scared, I  could not wait to see my baby, to find out whether they were a boy or a girl and to cuddle them.

Our house was having extensive work being done to it, in fact we didn’t even have a secure back to the house, just tarpaulin, so I went out with my mother to a garden centre to keep ‘things’ moving. Looking back now, it seems strange that I was happy walking around a garden centre, stopping every so often whilst having a contraction, but I felt in control and very laid back about it all.

Fast forward several hours, I laboured in the bath, singing ‘Key sera sera, whatever will be will be…..” No idea why I sang that. That’s an odd one. We then arrived at hospital about 3am when I knew that I was close to giving birth. My son was born at 6.22 am on a Monday morning in June. I remember the sun was shining through the window and the radio was playing. Then I was holding him with his head under my chin and it felt like a soft ripe peach. I couldn’t stop rubbing my chin gently on his head, I felt the happiest I have ever felt… was perfect, it couldn’t get better than this.

This has been posted as part of Josie’s writing workshop at Sleep is for the Weak, using prompt number 1-

‘Write about a place, a time, a moment, that taught you something about true happiness’

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The Gallery- ‘Joy’

The theme this week at Tara’s The Gallery, a virtual picture gallery, is Joy. For more details on what The Gallery is all about please visit Tara by clicking on the picture on the left.

This week I had so many pictures I could have chosen, most of them are of my children who bring me so much Joy. It was a hard decision but I decided to go with the following picture of my eldest son and my youngest son taken on Little M’s first birthday. It’s not the best quality, I’m sure I had better ones of the same moment but I dropped the hard drive that all these were on and only some were recovered. Sob.

It brings me so much joy looking at this picture but it also makes me sad for various reasons, one being that time goes so quickly, but it is the happiness that exudes from two of ‘my boys’ that is just joyous. Little M could sit for hours with a ball being rolled to him and everyone took great pleasure in making him giggle, in fact fighting over whose turn it was.