So, what do we all think about the news headline today? New mums need support in losing weight and want government backing! Please, surely there are better ways to spend public money, aren’t there?

Apparently research carried out by the Royal College of Midwives and the parenting website found that 61% of new mums claim they are not given enough advice on healthy eating and losing weight after giving birth. Do we really need to be told though? Is that good use of an already strained budget?

Yes, how many of us feel under pressure to lose all that baby weight the minute we’ve given birth, especially when we see celebrities manage to walk out the maternity hospital looking thinner than they did before they even got pregnant.

We all need to use our common sense though, some people are just genetically like that. Meanwhile the majority of us have to work at it a little and practice some restraint. We should all know that if we eat too much chocolate, too many biscuits or have portions the size of Mount Everest then it’s going to take a lot longer, if ever, for that weight to drop off. Lets not forget that the weight serves a purpose too, womens bodies are designed to breast feed their newborn baby thus shedding, you hope, excess weight fairly easily. It didn’t help me but then I know I have a tendency to overeat at times. Chocolate digestives taste sooo good when you are breastfeeding!

I agree that while the increase in obesity and gaining excess weight in pregnancy is a worry because of the impact it can have on babies and women during birth but that is an entirely separate issue. However, we have got to stop feeling guilty for everything we do. My weight has has gone up and down so many times that I’ve lost count but I know where I’m going wrong and also what I should be doing to prevent that. It is hard, but we also need to start becoming accountable for our own actions and not rely on someone else to bail us out from something that should really be common sense.

Rant over!


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