Hello! I am Nova and I am a  mother of five children whose ages range from twenty-one down to eight. We have dancers, footballers, rugby players and singers all living under one roof! Needless to say it is a happy combination of chaos and routines.

I am a chocoholic, I have bred chocoholics.

I love food, I like reading about food, talking about food, making food, making cakes!

We love travelling, we spend quite a bit of time exploring London…

I was very lucky to experience Walt Disney World in Florida recently from an adult’s perspective and had fun sampling all the culinary delights Disney has to offer.

I love reading and now the children are getting older I am starting to get more time to read. I read anything that takes my fancy although it is not uncommon for me to have several books on the go. I don’t like to be defeated by one, even if it takes me a few years.  I particularly like thrillers and try to read YA fiction to keep up with my teens.

As I get older I am becoming increasingly obsessed with skincare, spending hours researching the latest miracle cream…as you do.