It’s been a very long time since I’ve visited the Ideal Home Show, but now for my perfect home I really need a rotating house, a vertical cascade garden and all the mod cons you can ever imagine…

The Foodie Lab- My Ideal Home

I was really excited to spend the day at The Ideal Home Show the other week, I haven’t been to it for many years but wow how it has grown and developed. You could literally spend days there and still not cover everything. From show homes, to exhibitors selling gadgets you just have to have, to lectures and, of course it was always going to be a favourite of mine, free access to the Eat & Drink festival with a host of delicious foods, kitchen tools and The Foodie Lab- a stage for cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs.

My Ideal Home

As well as being in awe of George Clarke’s rotating home, more of that to come, I met the team behind Kinetico, who explained, and demonstrated the benefits of installing a water softener or filter in the home. As well as feeling the benefits (imagine soft moisturised hands rather than squeaky dry ones which we have the pleasure of experiencing in the south) it goes without saying really that installing a water softener will help prevent damage caused by hard water to your kitchen and bathroom. In time this saves money- you won’t need to replace appliances as often and will use less products such as washing powder, shampoo and skincare products. Also, less time is needed for cleaning (no more horrible limescale) and clothes will feel softer.

I learned from Kinetico that using filtered water in the kitchen not only tastes great but removes any impurities from tap water, and if you are guilty of buying bottles of water it will eliminate the need to do this. That equals a lot of saving…money and the environment. Can you guess what I’m desperate to have in my kitchen now?

I know you’re all keen to hear about the rotating house so… it featured on Channel 4’s Amazing Spaces and is only 4.3m tall. It rotates to give it’s occupant unique spaces which include a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and all powered by just electric wheelchair motors, so not only does it take up a really small area but it is environmentally friendly and economical too.

Each tiny space is utilized, with every feature hidden until it is needed. If I didn’t have five children I would love to live in this home, it could actually turn out to be my ideal home..the only complication I envisage is being tucked up in bed and suddenly having an urgent midnight snack requirement only to find my bed is also my kitchen (it’s probably not but it was all so complicated), or after a few drinks I may forget where the bed or oven is hidden. Other than that I love it! Here is a little snippet which may or may not explain it a little better:

If that doesn’t take your fancy how about the vertical cascade garden from Nemac? How wonderful do they look? 30-35 self watering pot plants cover every 1m square and whilst not only aesthetically pleasing they also improve the air quality in the home.

Vertical Cascade Garden

The hardest decision of the day though was, what to have for lunch? Put in front of a foodie twenty odd choices from around the world, yikes I was so torn. Eventually I went for the crab and fries from Claw but oh how I wished I’d also tried the Nepali/Tibetan street food from Urban Yak and the waffle lollies (waffles on a stick!).

Crab & Fries from Claw

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My Ideal Home

Photo Credit [Taps – Kinetico]

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post but all words and opinions are my own.




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One thought on “My Perfect Home – A Day at The Ideal Home Show

  1. Looks like you had fun! Ideal Home Show was the first trade show I went to and I ended up going to 3 more later in the year. I was hooked. Annoyed to have missed this one

    Posted on August 3, 2017 at 10:18 am