At this time of year it’s a time to put thinking caps on and wrack the brain for ideas for those ‘hard to buy for people’ -you know, the ones that already have everything. But, what about treating them to a decadent night in with a homemade Italian Feast hamper full of Ciao Gusto goodies?

Homemade Italian Feast hamper

Hampers can make amazing presents, I personally love being the recipient of one, but for a lot of people they’ll always contain oneHomemade Italian Feast hamper or two items that they don’t like. Have you ever thought of putting together your own hamper instead? You will get a lot more for your money as I found out putting together this Italian Feast full of Ciao Gusto products available from Ocado with a budget of £50.

Ciao Gusto is a family of famous Italian food and drinks brands, working together to tell their stories and to spread the love of Italian food and culture around the world. Every member of Ciao Gusto is a brand leader in Italy. Large or small, they all share a common heritage and devotion to quality. That is why they have come together, sharing knowledge, passion, and their favourite Italian recipes.

Homemade Italian Feast hamper

Have you ever thought of putting together your own hamper for family and friends? You really can’t go wrong with checking out the Ciao Gusto range, a lot bigger than you probably thought…

Homemade Italian Feast hamper

Some Ciao Gusto products, such as Riso Gallo, Filippo Berio, Giovanni Rana and Cirio you may already be familiar with but there are many more Italian treats to be found in the Ciao Gusto family:

  • Pasta – Barilla
  • Fresh pasta – Rana
  • Rice – Riso Gallo
  • Flours – Polenta Valsugana
  • Tomato and vegetable conserves – Cirio and Valfrutta
  • Cheese and dairies- Auricchio and Parmareggio
  • Fish – Delicius, Regnoli/Medusa
  • Tuna – Rio Mare
  • Cured meats – Negroni
  • Soy and rice products – Valsoia
  • Olive oil – Filippo Berio
  • Vinegar – Ponti
  • Bakery – Bauli and Colussi
  • Snacks – Amica Chips
  • Dehydrated fruits – Noberasco
  • Honey – Ambrosoli
  • Jams – Santa Rosa
  • Candies and chocolate – Elah Dufour and Novi
  • Coffee – Lavazza
  • Herbal teas – Bonomelli
  • Water and fruit juices – San Benedetto, Parmalat
  • Wine – Casa Vinicola Zonin, Santa Margherita
  • Alcoholic beverages – Vecchia Romagna
  • Sour cherries and syrups – Fabbri

Do you like the homemade Italian Feast hamper I have put together? It would make a sumptuous, decadent floor picnic in front of a roaring fire. Containing everything you could possibly want for a night off cooking; cheeses, cured meats, antipasti, crackers, and of course a bottle of sparkling wine and a bottle of red, finished off with a delicious chocolate cake with tiramisu flavours. Mmmmm.

Homemade Italian Feast hamper

My homemade Italian Feast Hamper contains the following products all for under £50

  • Zonin Prosecco- £13.49
  • Zonin Primitivo Salento (red wine)- £8.49
  • Amica Black Pepper Chips- £2.09
  • Amica Chips with Salt- £2.09
  • Bauli Torta Tiramisu- £4.95
  • Ponti Artichokes- £2.99
  • Ponti Sundried Tomatoes- £2.79
  • Ponti Grilled Peppers- £2.99
  • Negroni Salami- £2.69
  • Negroni Capicola- £2.99
  • Aurrichio Provolone Cheese- £1.56
  • Aurrichio Gorgonzola- £2.34
  • Colussi Crackers- £1.20

Total = £48.57

Isn’t that a bargain! Enough for a romantic supper with lots left over for another day. If I was given this as a gift I would be sooo pleased.

If you fancy putting together your own Homemade Italian Feast hamper of Ciao Gusto goodies, head over to the Ciao Gusto site for ideas and shop at Ocado.

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Disclosure: I was gifted a voucher to put the hamper together but all words and opinions are my own



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