My children love, love Halloween, it’s so very nearly ‘up there’ with Christmas. We’ve had many Halloween parties in the past, the more over the top the better, from the decorations, to the costumes, the ambiance and of course Halloween recipes for the ultimate themed food. The more gruesome the better.

I have put together some of the best Halloween recipes around all in one ultimate collection, let me know in the comments if you have any more fab ones to share.

Crazy Halloween recipes…

Domestic Gothess makes stunning cakes, her Meringue Bone Palace Halloween Cake is absolutely amazing and will thrill Halloween fans.

It’s not just the food which can be gruesome, Fuss Free Flavours has a Toxic Swamp Halloween Smoothie, to be served with spooky Halloween treats of course.

Over A Cuppa has made some fun Mummy chocolate cakes which are so easy you can get the children to make and decorate them. They look fab.

Get into the spooky mood, and still feed the family healthy food with Blue Bear Wood’s Pepper Brain Monsters!


Fab Halloween Recipes…

Every Halloween has to have lots of pumpkin everywhere, Sew Kidding has some gorgeous pumpkin cookies which the whole family can have fun making together.

More fabulous pumpkins but this time from mrssavageangel, pretzel pumpkins that I know my children are going to love getting messy making them. They’re really cute too.

Another cute pumpkin which makes a stunning centre piece is A Strong Coffee’s Pumpkin Cake plus tutorial.

pumpkin-cake- A strong Coffee

Fun Halloween Recipes…

A quick and simple idea which makes a really great impact and will add a lot more atmosphere to the Halloween halloween-marshmellows-renovation-bay-beecelebrations…Halloween marshmallows from Renovation Bay-Bee.

You can’t possibly celebrate Halloween without monsters, and Who’s The Mummy has made fabulous Popping Chocolate Truffle Monsters, imagine the surprise if you don’t tell anyone about the popping candy.

You’ll have all the guests squealing at The Crazy Kitchen’s Bloodied Bones Halloween Cake, imagine bloody bones, puss, blood and clots…

If you love a spidery theme, Thinly Spread has a lovely chocolate Creepy Cobweb Cake which looks so good.

Halloween Cookies from Cherished By Me are a great way to get the children in the kitchen, plus they’ll love using black icing to decorate them.

Halloween doesn’t have to mean unhealthy, Over 40 and a Mum to One makes cute Spooky Fruit Halloween, a great way to get little ones to tuck into a ghoolish apple!

Cute Halloween Recipes…

Wave To Mummy’s easy white chocolate Halloween Ghost Breadsticks are ever so cute and children will absolutely love them, they’ll also be able to help out making them too.


These meringue ghosts from me make great sweet treats for every Halloween party but they also can be made smaller to decorate cupcakes, trifles or bigger showstoppers.

Meringue Ghosts

Blue Bear Wood’s Halloween Candy Melts are great visual treats which can be eaten on their own or make fabulous wpid-photo-joskitchenedible Halloween decorations.

No need to coax little ones into tucking into soup, Jo’s Kitchen’s Spooky Carrot Soup will have them wanting to dive into it…it looks very cute too.

Mummified Hot Dogs anyone? What a simple but really effective idea from Over 40 and a Mum to One, plus a few others in keeping with the Halloween theme.

Halloween Freak Shake anyone? Be warned this tasty treat from North East Family Fun could leave your kitchen looking rather like a murder scene…


They’ll be lots of shrieks when people see what’s in Blue Bear wood’s Spooky Halloween Cave Cake…prepare for the shivers!

Not all monsters have to be scary, Sew Kidding has some really cute Monster Cookies and fantastic Spider Cookies with an extra special treat on top.


Just a Taste’s Cheesy Halloween Breadstick Bones are adorable and would make a fantastic dish on the party table.

Looking to scare the living daylights out of everyone? How about Brain Dip from Jo and Sue, I’ll leave it there…

Rainbeau Belle’s cobweb cakes look really delicious, underneath the cobweb you’ll find a yummy chocolate chip muffin. There are also very ‘gross’ witches’ fingers, I don’t know what it is but these make me really shudder so I know they’ll go down a storm at parties!


Healthy-ish (well one of your five a day), and sticking to the Halloween theme thanks to a great cake mold are my Halloween Butternut Squash Muffins.

If you are a fan of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups then you’ll love A Strong Coffee’s Reese’s Spider Halloween Cupcakes.

Another stomach churning but fabulous Halloween party treat are A Strong Coffee’s Eerie Eyeball Cake Pops.

I love these Spooky Spider Cookies from Life is Poppin’, we are definitely going to be making these for our Halloween celebrations.

Scary Halloween recipes…

My idea of hell but one which will have all party goers screaming is The Gingerbread House’s idea of homemade Jelly Worms! I can only do a quick glance at them (thanks to a worm phobia) and they look very real don’t you think…eeewww.


More of those creepy fingers, this time Zombie Fingers from ET Speaks From Home, still just as creepy. *Shudder*

Make your party centre piece Keeper of the Kitchen’s Amazing Pumpkin Parmesan Dip. It’s making my mouth water it looks so delicious.

Hot dogs make great party food but Sew Kidding has added a bit of extra fun for Halloween with these Batty Hot Dogs!

Another Halloween recipe I’m having a little problem with because it looks sooo realistic is Growing Spaces creepy and gross Worm-Infested Halloween treats, yuk! Very effective, but yuk!


Awesome Halloween Recipes…

Love ghosts?  Let Kids Be Kids has three brilliant Ghost Treats– ghost biscuits, ghost cup cakes and ghost chocolate lollies!


If you prefer silly to scary Sun Hats & Wellie Boots has made Incy Wincy Spider treats, also known as cute spider cupcakes and they are very cute indeed. My children are going to have fun making these.

Have you ever wanted to make Witches Hat Cupcake Cones? Wilton has a step by step guide.

Jo’s Kitchen has made a tangy Spooky Spider Lemon Cake with a lemon curd filling in the middle. Mmmm.

A great dip to add to the Halloween feast is Fuss Free Flavour’s Roasted Pumpkin Hummus, the pale orange colour is perfect for Halloween.


More yummy ghostly delights,The Diary of a Frugal Family shows us how to make Halloween Meringue Ghosts.

We love rice krispie treats so think this Pumpkin Rice Krispie treats recipe from Cincy Shopper is fab!

These Mini Caramel Apples from MyLitter- One Deal at a Time, are a great idea as I think a whole toffee apple can sometimes be way too much, they are pretty cute as well.

For even more Halloween ideas I have Pinterest board dedicated to the spooky season

Halloween Pinterest Board- Cherished By Me

Have lots of fun this Halloween and I hope you enjoy the recipes from around the web…

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Image credits top left to right: Rainbeau Belle | Sew Kidding | mrssavageangel | Wave To Mummy | Keeper of the Kitchen | Over 40 and a Mum to One | Let Kids Be Kids | Sunhats & Wellie Boots | Jo’s Kitchen | Fuss Free Flavours | Growing Spaces | Sew Kidding | North East Family Fun | ET Speaks From Home | The Gingerbread House



















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