I have to admit I was a little late to the gin party…but all was saved about two years ago when I supped on my first very cold gin and tonic with lots of ice and a slice of lemon on a hot summer’s day (first gin since a teen- say no more). Since then I have become a little bit of a gin snob, choosing my tipple carefully and using only the best tonic water I can find. I also love it with a slice of lime now rather than lemon.

Gin is the drink of the moment, premium gin is sophisticated and oh so trendy.

Then I was sent a Gin Explorer box…you know those beauty boxes which you can have a monthly subscription to so you can try out new products, well this one is dedicated to gin! Yes, gin…how fun is that. I may have a squealed a little when the exciting box arrived, and squealed a little more when I opened it.

Get premium gin delivered every month with the Gin Explorer box- cherishedbyme.com

Unboxing the Gin Explorer box! -cherishedbyme.com

Gin Explorer is a brand new and exciting way to sample, explore and learn about gins from across the globe. Receive A classic gin and tonic using Pinkster premium brand gin- cherishedbyme.coma selection of 4 different 50ml gin miniatures, every month direct through your door. The gins are hand selected by your personal tour guide to take you on a culinary journey. You also learn all about the heritage and origin of the gins increasing your ginknowledge, and passion, along the way. Throughout your expedition you will be accompanied by delectable mixers and everything you need to explore, with extra treasures along the way!

So, what was in my Gin Explorer box?

The Gin Explorer subscription box! - cherishedbyme.com

4 Premium gins

  • Lakes Explorer
  • Pinkster
  • Masons Yorkshire Gin
  • Anno Kent Dry Gin

Joe&Seph’s gourmet crisp gin and tonic popcorn

Peter Spanton cardamom superior tonic

Plus literature with tasting notes, recipe ideas, including G&T ice lollies and a journey guide for the month’s gins. There were also lots of vouchers for money off the gins in the box.

A selection of 4 50ml bottles of premium gin in every Gin Explorer box- cherishedbyme.com

The goodies inside a Gin Explorer Box- cherishedbyme.com

I was very tempted by the recipe suggestions but I really wanted to taste the gins in their simplest form, without drinking them neat or with water.  So, I kept it very simple serving the subtle fruity Pinkster with the recommended mint and raspberry garnish. The herbal Anno Kent Dry Gin went perfectly with the Peter Spanton cardamom tonic. All of the selection were sublime.

Pinkster gin, keeping it simple- cherishedbyme.com

I absolutely love this idea and if someone gifted it to me I would be over the moon. There are various subscription options.

Subscription packages are as follows:

Open Ticket (1 Month) : £24.99

3 Months : £69.99

12 Months: £279.99

Available fromwww.ginexplorer.com

Anno Kent Dry Gin and cardamom tonic water from Gin Explorer- cherishedbyme.com

For more information on the world of Gin Explorer you can follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook .

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If you love gin you need a Gin Explorer subscription in your life. A great way to learn about and try new premium gins cherishedbyme.com






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4 thoughts on “All The Gin!

  1. Love this idea as a way of trying as many gins as possible! Ive only been a gin covert for a few year – but I am completely enthralled in the world of gin already.

    Posted on July 15, 2016 at 10:12 am
    1. Isn’t it, I get bored easily so love trying new things so this is my perfect present 🙂

      Posted on July 18, 2016 at 4:24 pm
  2. Love this. I need this in my life. What a great idea x

    Posted on July 14, 2016 at 3:46 pm
    1. Isn’t it. What a great present for someone. x

      Posted on July 18, 2016 at 4:23 pm