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One of the biggest thrills I get from travelling is trying new food and flavours. I cannot describe just how intoxicating I find it, and one of the most important things I think about on arrival in a new country is…where do we eat first? I don’t get to travel too often nowadays but have been very lucky to have visited many wonderful countries around the world.

Heron Eating Breakfast in The Maldives cherishedbyme.com

I’ll never forget sharing my breakfast every morning with a Heron type bird whilst eating curry (yes for breakfast, and it tasted a-ma-zing) in the Maldives, or tucking into the best Caprese salad ever just 90 minutes after landing in Florence. I never expected to have my taste buds spoiled as much as they were in…Walt Disney World, but wow!

I can remember the first time I visited Turkey when I was sixteen, before it was a huge tourist attraction, and falling in love with dolma (stuffed vine leaves) and baklava. It was so exciting discovering all these brand new foods I had never seen or heard of before. I think it is very different now, what with access to the internet and the availability of international foods.

One of my dream destinations...Morocco cherishedbyme.com

Another of my foodie adventures, probably one of my favourites, was a little trip we took in a boat on the Indian Ocean from one Seychelles island to one that was uninhabited, and eating freshly caught barbecued red snapper for lunch whilst sitting in the shade of a tree- it’s the hottest place I’ve ever been to, unbelievably hot. I fed mouthfuls of the gorgeous fish to my youngest daughter who was just over one year old at the time. I’ll never forget that, it was such a magical experience along with another one from the same trip to the Seychelles. We were literally ‘dying’ from thirst and the intense heat, when we found a roadside stall selling coconuts- using a big knife to make a hole they then stuck a straw into the coconuts and we quenched our thirst with the coconut water.

My Foodie Adventures, Moroccan Spiced Chicken from Glorious! cherishedbyme.com

Ahhh, I love reminiscing about my travels… one place I haven’t yet managed to visit but it’s on my wish list is Morocco. I already know I love the flavours of Morocco, it even has a distinctive aroma from the spices used. I love my stewed meats so a tagine is probably my ideal food. Unfortunately I won’t be able to visit Morocco anytime soon but in the meantime I can indulge myself in some of it’s flavours. A quick and simple way is with Glorious Soups’ Moroccan spiced chicken brimming with chickpeas, cous cous, dried apricots and Ras El Hanout spices. It is a little hot but just the right amount for me. Swirl a little natural yogurt on top to cool it down slightly.

Mmmm Glorious Soups New England Butternut Squash cherishedbyme.com

All Glorious! Soups take you on a journey…the New England Butternut Squash, oh New England, another amazing place, the traditional diner we used to eat in, trying gravy, grits and biscuits, or clam chowder but that adventure is for another time. However, butternut squash is one of my favourite soups to make, and the Glorious! version tastes gorgeous with it’s hint of cumin…

Oh isn’t it amazing how food can take you on an adventure, here’s to more trips in the future!

For more information on the range of twelve flavoursome Glorious! soups head to their website and you can also read my other posts here, here and here.

Disclosure: Whilst this post is written in partnership with Glorious! soups all ramblings and opinions are my own.

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2 thoughts on “My Foodie Adventures

  1. I’ve loved this little walk through your travels – Very happy that we got to meet when we travelled to Dublin. As I get older I’m starting to get itchy feet – maybe its as the kids are getting older and more likely to enjoy travelling with us.

    Posted on April 27, 2016 at 11:56 pm
    1. Thanks Helen! That was a fun albeit short trip wasn’t it. I’m sure they would love it, mine always did x

      Posted on April 29, 2016 at 11:58 am