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The question, “how would you like your steak cooked” sets off fireworks in my brain! I love steak so much, if I’m in a restaurant I will very rarely order anything else. So being asked by The Meat Elite, or the Quality Standard Mark Scheme for beef and lamb in England, to learn about new steak cuts for 2016, see it being prepared and then learn how to cook it to my liking was my idea of heaven.

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Do you know your Hanger from your Picanha to your Denver? I didn’t either but these are just three cuts made in Seam Butchery. Seam butchery/cutting is based on the continental style of butchery which involves removing the muscles by following natural seams in the meat, this reduces wastage and improves the eating quality of the meat. This modern butchery has led to new cuts, for instance the flat iron steak and mini roast which are quick to cook making them great for mid week meals.

Steak Bar MenuQuality Standard Mark (QSM) butchers are taking up seam butchery and it is available at many supermarkets and butchers. All beef and lamb carrying the QSM is chosen under a strict selection process to make sure it is succulent and tender and also guarantees the provenance of the meat you buy. The QSM logo identifies the meat’s country of origin by displaying a flag, so a Union flag for UK farms, a St.George’s flag would indicate it’s from an English farm.

Steak Bar Menu 2It was so interesting seeing Master butcher Martin Eccles prepare the meat, so much detail goes into it. I’m not sure I would have the patience but it was fascinating to watch. Whereas I usually go for a fillet (pennies allowing) on the rare occasion I eat out, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover how tasty the bistro cut steak is. I’ve since found it, and all the other cuts in my local supermarket! I must say I am also a fan of the flat iron steak, which is great if you are on a budget as it’s a lot cheaper, however it is still very very delicious, I hadn’t realised how many people have not heard of this cut before but I would highly recommend it.

The Quality Standard Mark Scheme and Seam Butchery demonstration-cherishedbyme

We were challenged to prepare our own steaks for lunch, you would not believe how much steak got eaten that day, and were presented with a whole host of ingredients and recipes. I usually like to have my steak on it’s own and be the star of the show but as everyone else was going for it I decided to make one of the recommended recipes…a paprika butter! I am so pleased I did, heavenly…it actually enhanced the flavour of the rump and bistro steaks I cooked, a gorgeous smoky deliciousness! Something I intend to do again.

Sizzling rump and bistro cut steaks - cherishedbyme

Paprika butter in the making- cherishedbyme

My mouth is watering just looking at the photos! How do you like your steak? What are your favourite cuts of steak,  or recipes to go with it? Don’t forget to look out for the Quality Standard label in future and for recipe ideas head over to

Thanks to the team for such a fabulous day, it really was my idea of heaven!

Learn about different cuts of steak and the best way to cook them - cherishedbyme

My expenses to attend this event have been covered but all words and opinions are my own.


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2 thoughts on “How would you like your steak?

  1. It was lovely seeing you on the day lovely. Just like you, I always have steak when I go out: fillet is my absolute favourite! x

    Posted on March 20, 2016 at 2:20 am
    1. You too! Mine too, although I may be a little converted now. 🙂 X

      Posted on March 20, 2016 at 6:27 pm