Angel Delight was a childhood treat, my favourite flavour, butterscotch of course, but close behind it was peach which my mum would decorate with half a fresh peach! Mmmm. I would love making it too in a special shaker we had, I wonder if you can still get them?


My Delight for DelightfulMovies- cherishedbyme

Chocolate Mint Angel Delight- cherishedbyme

But now there is a new flavour… Chocolate Mint for all you chocolate mint fiends out there! Watch our video as M makes the Angel Delight and then decorates, with delicate precision!


What better way to celebrate the launch of the new Chocolate Mint Angel Delight flavour than by being involved in the first ever Angel Delight movie- #DelightfulMovies where we had great fun in deciding how the character Delight might look like. With the help of M, aged eight, who had the fun task of making the chocolate mint Angel Delight, and I, aged thirteen, we got creative with chocolate buttons, strawberry laces, marshmallows, sugar sweets and apple.

Delight with Angel Delight-cherishedbyme

What delights do you make with your children in the kitchen? Share a photo or video of your Angel Delight masterpieces on their Facebook page for a chance to WIN a £50 gift card for a movie streaming service!

This is the ultimate super speedy dessert too, ready in just five minutes after a vigorous whisking! Did you see how fast M was at whisking in the video?

And, the new chocolate mint flavour Angel Delight was a … Hit! After all, who wouldn’t love the mint and chocolate combination?

Angel Delight and DelightfulMovies

Extra exciting news is that Angel Delight are making a film from their favourite submissions!

What would your Delight look like? Would it be human, animal, alien? What would you use to make your Delight face?

Don’t miss out, go and share your Delightful Movies with Angel Delight today!


Make your own Delight with Angel Delight-cherishedbyme

Disclosure: Post written in collaboration with Angel Delight but all words and opinions my own.


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