Yummy Warburtons Giant Crumpets- Cherished By Me

When I was growing up my mum would always have the Sunday roast on the table dead on 1pm, I’ve no idea how she did it but she did, without fail. Then on Sunday evening we would have tea, triangles of ham or tinned salmon sandwiches, hot sausage rolls and always home made cake, either a Victoria sandwich or fruit cake. My mum made the best cakes. However, sometimes she would treat us to hot buttered crumpets and I loved them.

We still have crumpets, however they’re not confined to Sunday teatime but they often make it to the breakfast table too.

Warburtons Giant Crumpets- Cherished By Me

Imagine giant crumpets though, a dream you may say, but not anymore…Warburtons have created huge, filling and Miss Piggy eating Warburtons Giant Crumpets- Cherished By Metasty giant crumpets! You may have seen The Muppets advert? Well we had a hamper full of goodies sent to us, including my very favourite Miss Piggy (I was a massive muppet fan as a child- I’m sure I thought they were real).

How do you like your crumpets? Butter does it for me, however they taste great with marmite, melted cheese or something a little sweeter, such as honey. Mmmm.




How tasty do these giant crumpets by Warburtons look!

Mmmm, giant crumpets from Warburtons- Cherished By Me

Love Crumpets You'll love Warburtons Giant Crumpets! -Cherished By Me

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