another oooops moment

Fancy a jump on the trampoline with the children, after all it’s supposed to be great exercise. Oh you can’t, why is that then? Had another oooops moment? Sound familiar?

I know I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago but this is such an important issue which can be debilitating for so many women, in fact light bladder weakness affects 1 in 2 women in the UK -so jumping on a trampoline can be a no go for quite a large number of the population. It’s not just jumping that’s a problem though, other exercise can have the same effect, or do you limit how much you drink, need to know that you’ll be no more than an hour away from a toilet? I know I do and whilst I am going through this irritating problem the honest truth is that thank goodness I learned about Lights by Tena when I did. It has changed my life, I feel so much more comfortable leaving the house knowing that if I do have what I consider an embarrassing moment, no one else will know. And whilst light bladder weakness is normal, it does not get talked about nearly enough!

Fortunately Lights by Tena are specifically designed for unexpected little leaks and with feelfresh technology you can be reassured that they’ll be no obvious odours going on…

Not convinced? Lights by Tena are offering a free sample pack (details of which are in the following video and on the website)

Don’t let another #oooopsmoments stop you living your life, honestly, Lights by Tena will help make it that little easier to cope with so that oooops doesn’t turn into a full blown embarrassing moment! Said by someone who knows…


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