Have you ever had an oooops moment? And I don’t mean walking out of the toilet with your skirt tucked into your knickers.

This is slightly different from my usual posts but one I feel needs to be addressed, as according to recent research from Lights by Tenalights by Tena more than half the women in the UK have experienced a little leak, also known as light bladder weakness. Would you have ever guessed it was that many? Probably not because even though it is such a common experience for many, 35 per cent of us still consider this a taboo subject. I certainly don’t talk about it, and I certainly do suffer too. Am I embarrassed? Yes I am. I can’t sneeze or cough without crossing my legs, I can only have a small cup of tea in the morning if it’s a day I am going on the train to London, I can’t be more than an hour away from a toilet.

UK women’s top Oooops moments:


  1. Sending a personal text/email to the wrong person (51 per cent)
  2. Forgetting someone’s name when greeting them (43 per cent)
  3. Finding lipstick/food on your teeth (39 per cent)
  4. Accidently following/liking someone/something on social media (36 per cent)
  5. Greeting a ‘friend’ before realising they are a stranger (31 per cent)
  6. Accidently sharing something that wasn’t common knowledge (29 per cent)
  7. Getting home to discover mascara streaks (18 per cent)
  8. Falling over and flashing their underwear (16 per cent)
  9. Discovering their children telling someone an embarrassing story about them (13 per cent)
  10. Being caught telling a white lie to their children (12 per cent)

Revealing how most women recover from an Oooops moment, the survey discovered that 66 per cent usually just laugh it off and 41 per cent smile and get on with it.

I was very honoured to be invited to hear more about this common problem where I was pampered with cocktails, afternoon tea and beauty treatments.

Lights by Tena Cocktail

I have to admit to completely disregarding any sort of protection for bladder weakness, after all they are for old people aren’t they? However I was interested to learn that lights by Tena are aimed at a younger generation (all 51% of us) that do suffer from those awkward moments.

The new lights by TENA Ultra Towel has been specifically designed for the one in two UK women that experience light bladder weakness, lights by TENA Ultra Towels combine the security of Ultra Towel technology with an ultra-absorbent Quick Dry Core and FeelFresh™ technology that locks in moisture and controls odour, providing the ultimate protection against unexpected little leaks. Sanitary towels will not do this.

The lights by TENA Ultra Towel comes individually wrapped in packs of 16 and has an RRP of £1.99. Free samples can also be ordered online at www.lightsbyTENA.co.uk.

There is also a great little app from lights by Tena with tips to improve you pelvic floor tone, reduce little leaks and improve your general health and wellbeing.

Since attending the event I have started to use lights by Tena, confident that if I do have a little moment it’s not going to be the disaster it has been in the past, yes I would rather not have to resort to using anything but this is the best alternative and hopefully by posting this I will be able to help others who are in a similar situation.

Thanks to the team for making an awkward subject into an enjoyable afternoon.

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