The Mocktail

I personally think half the fun of a cocktail is the brightly coloured drink you get, often in a quirky glass and for fun a cherry and maybe even an umbrella decorating it. Have you ever thought of having a Mocktail though? These alcohol free cocktails can be just as delicious but ensure you won’t end up with a hangover, can drive safely and you won’t be drinking the dreaded empty calories of added alcohol.

Have a mocktail

Some scary facts from Drinkaware…

  • Two medium 175ml glasses of 13% ABV wine have more calories than a burger.
  • One and a half pints of 5% lager have more calories than a burger, and
  • Two double gin and tonics have more calories than a burger.

Not only does alcohol have lots of empty calories it can also affect sleep-  A couple of glasses a night can affect sleep patterns, meaning you wake up feeling even more stressed, irritable and tired the next day. By swapping that cocktail for a juicy Mocktail, you can guarantee waking up feeling refreshed and ready for action!

The benefits of cutting back on alcohol means you’ll be saving all those calories and waking up looking amazing! (Well, a whole lot better than if you have a few cocktails anyway).

have a mocktail

Drinkaware are encouraging people to have a mocktail rather than a cocktail by ordering a ‘virgin’ version of your favourite cocktail from the bartender when you are out. If you want to keep a track of the units of alcoholing you are consuming they also have and track and calculate units app that can be downloaded. The Drinkaware app provides impartial, non-judgemental support and encouragement to help you keep track of your journey with a range of useful features: ‘Personalised support’, ‘No-nonsense, easy interface’ and you can ‘Join the community‘.

Drinkaware also have some fabulous mocktail ideas with short videos showing how to make five different mocktails including a Virgin Mary. The great thing is that the children can have these too, and they have been loving them!

I highly recommend the Lime Rickey, it is very refreshing.


Disclosure: I was sent a mocktail kit to get me in the mocktail mood.


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