Alpro TopsStrawberry with Rhubarb Alpro with coconut, flax seeds and fresh strawberries

We eat lots of yogurt in this house, it is a fabulous versatile ingredient and so much healthier for breakfast than most cereals aimed at children. I feel happy knowing my children have gone to school with their stomachs full of protein and good fats. Fortunately they love plain natural yogurt as much as fruit ones which inevitably will have some sugar in them.

Alpro TopsVanilla Alpro with dried mango & strawberry pieces, coconut & chocolate flakes

Alpro asked me to come up with five days worth of yogurt and toppings, Alpro Tops, and sent me an array of toppings to help inspire. Using Alpro’s Big Pots in Strawberry with Rhubarb, Lemon and Lime, Vanilla and Simply Plain yogurt flavours we got inventive.

Alpro Tops

Alpro is actually a yogurt alternative, plant based making it a great option for vegans and people that want to reduce their dairy intake.

Alpro TopsCashews, Almonds & Chia seeds on Lemon and Lime Alpro

And if you fancy something a bit more substantial make overnight oats by mixing porridge oats with yogurt and leaving in a jar overnight. The next morning you’ll have a thick creamy filling breakfast that can be topped off with other yummy goodies.

Overnight OatsOvernight Oats and Chia made with Simply Plain Alpro, topped with fresh figs, cinnamon & honey

I also use yogurt to make breakfast muffins, who says you have to eat your breakfast out of bowl?

Alpro TopsVanilla Alpro with chopped banana and chocolate flakes

My favourite Alpro Big Pot was Strawberry with Rhubarb, mmmm absolutely delicious. The children loved doing this too, no more plain boring yogurt here!

Head over to Alpro’s site and get more ideas and share your own too.

Disclosure: I was sent Alpro Big Pots and toppings and a few other goodies

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