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Time is an issue for many of us and I believe, as mum, our lists of tasks are ever increasing. The advent of the internet and the ability to work from home, whilst opening up a whole new world of work for people who would otherwise struggle to ‘get out to work’ means that this has just added to commitments. I have noticed personally that often others don’t view my working from home as ‘important’, ‘as work at all’, ‘that I can drop everything if they want me to’.  This means that more than ever mums are juggling as much as before plus even more.

However, the good news is that according to research from Microsoft Office 365, almost three quarters of bosses believe that working mums are vital to the UK workforce and over half say that mums make better team players than women without children. A third of mums use technology to work from home when they can’t get into the office and a third of mums believe that technology saves them an hour a day.

I attended a really interesting event with a talk chaired by Liz Earle, journalist, writer, skincare founder and mother of five. She uses Office 365 to help her multi task using applications such as One Note which allows web links, shopping lists, photos and more to be shared with her team or family that can be accessed by many people on multiple devices. This opens up a whole new world when working with a team of people all working from home.

The shared calendar can be accessed by others if necessary, allowing all of the family to know where each other are at all times.

This technology connects your laptop, tablet and smartphone so that you have the information you need whenever you need it, wherever you are. This allows busy mums to utilise little pockets of time whether that is on the commute or sitting in the car waiting for your child on the school run.

One Drive means that files, documents and photos can all be stored in a single place in the cloud which again can be accessed by others and also across multiple devices for those times when you have a spare few minutes and need to do something quickly. As a really busy mum I do a lot of driving my children from here, there and everywhere and these little ‘gems’ are so useful when I find I have a bit of time sitting in the car waiting for a child to finish dance for instance. Instead of twiddling my thumbs stressing how I could be doing something productive but I can’t…well now I can!!

Office 365 Home is a subscription service costing £7.99/month. Also available is Office 365 Personal at £5.99/month.

Disclosure: I have been provided Office 365 Home to review.

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2 thoughts on “Time management for working mums

  1. I have a similar issue in my role, because of what I do it is seen as ‘not important’ meaning that when I go out of the office it is ignored and I come back to hundreds of emails to catch up on. Not only does it piss me off but it is starting to affect my feeling of worth.

    Posted on June 17, 2014 at 11:01 am
    1. Poor you, it really is terrible…not fair at all!

      Posted on June 18, 2014 at 7:15 pm