At this time of year I have to see out all the deals, offers and bargains I can find. I have just about every loyalty card under the sun and any credit cards I do have I earn points on to redeem instore or get cashback. Even my bank account has a cashback deal now. The secret is to only buy what you really need and not be seduced into buying more just to get extra points.

One good way of getting more for your money is Tesco’s Clubcard Boost “Clubcard Boost allows you to double the value of your Clubcard vouchers on a wide range of products from Tesco direct all year round.” So if you have £5 of vouchers they are worth £10 with Clubcard Boost. So you are doubling the worth of your points if you spend them instore or online. If you shop at Tesco anyway, you can’t go wrong and it is also an incentive to start shopping there.

I was asked to compile a wishlist of products that are available to buy using Clubcard Boost.

Firstly, it’s a long time since I owned a bike but I quite fancy get a bit more fresh air in the new year and what better way than on my very own new shiny bike. I can’t believe the price anyway of this bike plus any vouchers this is an absolute bargain at £90.

Ladies bikeMy phone case has taken a bit of a battering recently am I am quite taken on this one at only £4. It has a cute little tortoise on it.

phone caseTotally indulging myself now, because after all the exercise of the bike I will deserve it, I would love a HoMedics  Shiatsu Foot Massager at £41. I know it looks like an instrument of torture but it is supposed to soothe feet leaving you relaxed and contented. Ahhhhh…could do with this now!

Foot massagerNo Christmas stocking is complete without some smellies and it has got to be this Anatomicals Fine Stress We’ve Gotten You Out Of Relaxing Bath Kit, only £6.50 at the moment.

bath productsFor those feeling particularly flush and really wanting to thank me for everything I do for them this would be gratefully received. Elizabeth Arden -Eight hour cream essentials set. £26

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour creamFor more information about Tesco Clubcard Boost visit the site Here.


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