It is funny because part of my course has involved me studying rubbish, consumption and the amount (*apparently in the UK 30 million tonnes in 2008) we throw away. I have to admit to getting a sinking feeling when I see a huge cardboard box get delivered, of course I want the lovely shiny ‘thing’ inside but seem to have to make a trip at least once a week to the dump to recycle all this cardboard that I am accumulating. I am not very happy that the local council want to close the dump…no idea what we will all do then. Drive the fourteen miles to the next nearest one I suppose, hmmm that make sense?

One of those cardboard boxes recently contained a lovely very colourful Branbantia bin though. Look at the beautiful lemon colour, it has brightened up a dull part of the kitchen and certainly makes a statement.

Brabantia bins

The bin holds up to 30 litres of rubbish which is more than enough for our big family. Larger capacities are available but the rubbish bags are going to be quite heavy then.

It costs from £109 for the 30l size which is a lot of money for a bin but the bin is sturdy, strong, shiny and from experience I know you will only ever have to replace it because you want to and not because you need to.The bins are made from corrosion resistant materials and come with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The bin opens by gently pressing on the lid and closes with a soft touch so no waking sleeping babies with a crash! Sometimes I think I would like a foot pedal to open the bin when I have sticky hands but I do hate it when the lids bang down with a racket so think this way is probably better.

The bin has a plastic inner bucket that can be lifted out with the handles attached, the inner bucket has holes in the bottom to prevent a vacuum forming ( I always wondered what the holes were for!).

You don’t have to use Brabantia bin liners to use this bin but they do fit neatly into the bins, they won’t slip and are very strong. I really do push my bin to the extreme and fill it right to the top and have not had a bag split yet.

It is very easy to keep this bin clean, I wipe it with either damp kitchen paper or a spray it with some anti bacterial spray. The lid can be dismantled for a really thorough clean as well.

So, would I recommend this bin? Yes, I would, the only trouble you will have is deciding which colour to go for!

Disclosure: I have been sent a Brabantia bin to review but all opinions are my own.

*Making Social Lives, The Open University

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