Quality Street Green Traingle dessertsHave I told you I like chocolate, a lot? Oh, I have? Well have I ever told you I am not really a huge fan of chocolate desserts? Funny that. However when faced with a dessert inspired by my absolute favourite Quality Street chocolate; The Little Green Triangle, how could I possibly resist the temptation of trying it out…for research purposes of course. Tsk…the things I have to do for you all eh… 😉

Yes those bloomin’ people at Quality Street have brought out a creamy chocolate and hazelnut flavoured dessert based on that little green triangle. How very dare they!

This dessert isn’t an airy mousse it is thick and gooey smooth chocolate. Each 70g pot contains 153kcal and 5.9g saturated fat so best left for special occasions and treats but you won’t be disappointed. It doesn’t look as though M was going through any hardship being ‘made’ to eat this does it?

Quality Street DessertMy only teeny tiny moan is that from a distance or quick glance they look like a mint chocolate dessert (Yuk) and my daughter didn’t want one at first because she thought that too. I’m not sure how this can be avoided considering this famous triangle is green but I am pointing out to all you lovely readers they are most definitely not mint! It would be helpful to have an allergy guidance on the pack, I eventually stumbled on information which says these desserts are gluten free. Yay! That is great news.

Will we be buying them again? Yes, for special treats they will be in our shopping trolley.

Disclosure: We were sent quite a few pots of this dessert, it’s a hard life! Plus a couple of games but this does not affect my views.

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One thought on “Little pots of gooey heaven: Review

  1. Your kid seems to enjoy it very much, I thought in a sec: sec onthe lips, lifetime on the hips!
    You share grat experiences and stories!

    Posted on October 13, 2013 at 9:22 pm