Time flies when you’re having fun…

September 11, 2013 · 6 comments

Time flies

And…I’ve had a lot of fun…

So, you give birth to a small bundle of fun who totally turns your world and everything you’ve ever known before it upside down.

Your thoughts 24 hours a day, every minute, every second revolve around this new little human being whether you are awake or asleep.

Your stomach whirls with joy when this little person first smiles at you, wraps their chubby little arms around your neck and when they whisper “I love you mummy”.

You smile with joy at their first steps, and you look on proudly on their first day in school.

However, your stomach churns when they fall over for the very first time, oh and the second and the third…in fact forever.

You wish you could be ill for them at their first fever and sick bug, you spend nights lying on the floor next to their cot checking they are breathing and literally hold your own breath as you strain to hear.

Watching rugby and football matches is also breathtaking, you see them at the bottom of a scrum and pray that they will get up unscathed even though they are having a great time!

The first time they go to the shop alone…

The first train journey without an adult…

The first nightclub.

Their first hangover, hmmm

And the first holiday abroad…

The travelling.

Then before you know it, 18/19 years later, they’re off;  perhaps to work, or as my son is, off to university.

It’s a huge time, it still hasn’t sunk in just ten days before my first child is off to university, that this is it. and things will never be quite the same anymore. I can’t ‘expect’ him to come home for Christmas, although I’d like him to, he is well and truly an adult ready to make his own decisions from now on. I just hope this is/ we are still home to him for quite some time to come.

Along with thousands of others he and I are getting prepared, not just mentally but practically. I have been stockpiling things for him to take, worried that he’ll run out of toothpaste or shaving foam. I know I know, sounds stupid but it’s hard to ‘let go’.

P&G sent me a few goodies to pass on to my son including a cookbook (he most definitely needs it)  some washing liquid and fabric conditioner, and a razor along with a few facts that really surprised me. Apparently around 45% of under 35’s P&G Goodieshave never bought a toothbrush, toothpaste or shampoo before leaving home…they obviously all had clucking mothers like me! At least, I hope, he does know how to put a washing machine on and cook a few basic meals after being home alone for a week last month. The time comes around so quickly, it only seems like yesterday he started school…

So, we are busy preparing, duvet bought, covers bought, towels found, books packed…sob…but to be honest as much as it is all very hard, for me (I am sure he can’t wait even though he must be nervous) I am very proud and also slightly envious, he is going to have an amazing experience and truly deserves it.

P&G have made a short video about the everyday things people can do to help their friends and family when a child moves out for the first time.

If you would like to win some goodies from P&G to help your son or daughter on their way let me know what essential I should be packing my son off with to university.

One winner will be chosen at random after the closing date at midnight on Wednesday 18th September 2013, open to UK residents only. Prize will be sent out by P&G representatives.

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