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‘Don’t You Dare’ is a book full of tricks, mischief and adventure as well as packed with games to keep one child or even 50 children amused for quite some time. If you are looking for ways to keep children busy on a budget this is the book for you.

Written by Sharky and George who say ” neither of us have been, or ever intend to be, GROWN UP” they are a duo with a heap of experience in keeping children entertained after organising events for them since 2004 and have by the looks of it quite a celebrity following including Bear Grylls who says “Sharky and George are simply the best!”

Open up the book and the first page tells you “Official warning , the rules of this book are : There are no rules!” Divided into five chapters this is a book that caters for all scenarios, big outside gatherings to rainy days stuck indoors and trips to the beach.

Sharky and George

There are some traditional favourites such as Sardines and 40:40 but most of the activities are new to me, some are even a little naughty sounding just to keep your monsters sniggering, such as ‘Fill your pants’ and ‘Butt darts’. You’ll be pleased to know that both are very innocent though.

Not all the activities need space, there are some great suggestions that involve only a paper and pencil and I haven’t seen any activity that requires anything that you wouldn’t have in the house already making the book good value for money, with over 100 different ideas for £12.99.

I feel ever so slightly disappointed that M has decided against a big birthday party this year because I was hoping to try out some of the games en masse.

We have thoroughly enjoyed trying out some of the activities and cannot wait to do some of the beach activities, this is definitely going to be our bible for the summer and what I like mostly is that my ten year old can organise all of these activities for 5 year old M and his friends without any help from me, it makes her feel grown up and also a very exciting and clever sister to her younger brother.  However I must point out that the activities are suitable for children, teens and adults alike and I highly recommend this book.

5 out of 5 cupcake award

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