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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky to attend an afternoon tea event with Holly Willoughby hosting as she talked about how she uses her Windows Phone to stay on top of her hectic life as a working mum.

What is a Windows Phone do I hear you asking?

Well they come in all shapes and sizes but have the same features including; Live Tiles,  People Hub, Kids corner, Rooms and Sky Drive.

Live Tiles give you automatic updates on what you want to know is happening in ‘your world’ for example Facebook, Twitter, your diary. These can all be ‘pined’ onto your home screen for easy and quick access and viewing. The tiles can be moved, made bigger or smaller depending on priority in your life. The tile colours can also be changed to customise your phone…I am sure you can guess my favourite colour from the photo of my home screen. 🙂 As you can see I have a big tile for easy access to the flashlight which I use a lot and I have extra big tiles, which you can’t see in the photo, for my messages and my phone calls. I have much smaller tiles for Facebook and Internet explorer because I don’t use them quite so often. I like playing around with the tiles and changing what I have on my home screen but of course there is also easy access for anything else that you want to use on the phone with just a scroll across the screen.

Windows Phone

Another huge element of the Windows Phone is the Kids Corner. This is a brilliant feature that lets you control what your child has access to by giving them their ‘own’ section of the phone. This is a section where you decide which apps to have on it and from there the child cannot make any phone calls, update your twitter status or send any emails for you. Unless of course you want them to. So for instance in my Kids corner I only have games that I am happy for my five year old to play on. Even better a lot of the games and apps are free!

I have to admit to being slightly apprehensive about how to get easy access to photos taken on my phone without the faff of plugging it into my computer. However I am pleased to say there is Sky Drive which will copy all your photos automatically into a file which can be accessed from your computer. So, in the terrible event of losing or breaking your phone before you get home, you can rest assured that your photos are at least safe. It is very easy to download the photos to my computer from Sky Drive. Sky Drive isn’t just for your photos either, it stores videos, documents and notes too.

Windows phone

I would also like to mention ‘Rooms’. This is something that I really like the sound of but unfortunately none of my family have a windows phone so I couldn’t test it out but I can see it could also be brilliant to use with work colleagues for projects. These are private ‘rooms’ with information that can be shared among friends, or spouses, or children such as a shopping list, or a calendar, or even chats. I can see this becoming an invaluable device.

So, would I recommend a Windows Phone? Yes most definitely, I am very impressed as are my children and family. I have had to fight them all off for the phone which I think says it all…

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2 thoughts on “Review: Windows Phone with Holly Willoughby

  1. I don’t have a Windows phone BUT I use Sky Drive constantly! Love it. So I can imagine it would be a great thing to have on your phone; particularly for the pictures.

    Posted on April 30, 2013 at 12:11 am
    1. I’ve never used it before so all new to me but very impressed x

      Posted on April 30, 2013 at 8:22 am