When I was a little girl, many moons ago, I had three favourite toys; My Tiny Tears doll (until my much younger brother drew all over her face with biro), my blackboard easel ( I spent hours lining up my dolls and teddies teaching them in front of that blackboard) and my huge box of Lego. I think I was very lucky to own such a huge wooden box of Lego that had several layers to it and topped off with a sheet of green Lego ‘grass’. I don’t remember any of my friends having anything similar. I spent hours using my imagination to build the next best house, I loved the little windows and doors with hinges that allowed them to be opened.

I have to admit to not being quite so excited by modern Lego sets, I suppose I like the idea that my Lego needed a little imagination whereas themed sets need a set of instructions more often than not. Instructions? That is when I struggle…I am most definitely not wired up for that. However we must move with the times and my sons love Lego; even the big ones. Sadly the girls have never caught the bug. However Little I, aged nine, has enjoyed putting together Stephanie’s car from Lego friends which is pink and purple that Lego kindly sent us.

Super Hero Lego

 Captain America Super Heroes Lego- another new favourite

We were also sent a Lego Star Wars advent calendar, I know it may seem a little silly to be talking about advent calenders in February but I had to share; I have looked at Lego advent calendars from afar for a couple of years but the price has put me off, especially with having five children but I cannot put into words how much pleasure Little M had from his one. He is a huge Star Wars fan and he also loves Star Wars Lego so as I guessed he would he absolutely loved it. He is still playing with the figures and spaceships daily and the box they came in too. I can see it being something he treasures for a very long time so looking at it that way it seems very good value for money. I hope they bring out a different one for next year.

Lego Advent Calendar

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar

The Lego we got sent was for various ages ranging from 5 years-16 years, so although Little M is the one that has been playing with it mostly, his older brothers have helped him by building some of the trickier pieces and it has been really great to get them all interacting which in this digital age doesn’t tend to happen that often sadly. I have seen various children sneaking into Little M’s bedroom to build another piece when they think no one is looking. The older boys particularly liked the boxes of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings that we were sent.

Lego Star Wars

Some of the fab figures in the Calendar

Dino Lego

Quick there’s a dinosaur behind you!

And my favourite…getting back to being creative and using your imagination is needed in the game Creationary which involves having to make particular objects from Lego pieces. It is great fun


So, thank you Lego you’ve made my son’s year…he really is in Legotastic heaven!

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2 thoughts on “Legotastic!

  1. You could make a little story and film it, sort of an animation.

    Posted on February 4, 2013 at 8:14 pm
  2. Congrats, this is so creative!



    Posted on February 4, 2013 at 6:40 pm