What do they have in common you may wonder…well Leap Frog have just launched their brand new LeapPad2 and their LeapsterGS with the help of Peter Andre and we were lucky to be invited to the VIP event held at John Lewis Oxford Street the other week.

The LeapsterGS explorer is “The Ultimate Learning Game System” aimed at children 4-9 years of age. It incorporates a camera and video recorder, touch screen, motion sensor and a library of over 300 games, ebooks, videos and music is available to purchase online .

The new LeapPad2 again aimed at the 4-9 year old market is a child friendly tablet that comes with five apps, a video recorder and camera and adjusts the learning according to each individual child’s ability.

I took three of the children to the event, which incidentally, was also attended by a plethora of celebrities as well as Peter Andre, and all three…thirteen, nine and five years loved the LeapsterGS barely looking up or noticing photographers and camera people filming them! Since we’ve got home M, aged five has played with his LeapsterGS a lot but we have had a little problem trying to set up I’s one on the same computer so she hasn’t had a decent go at hers yet. I like the idea of buying apps gift cards in the same way you can iTunes ones to enable children to add to their library of games and books on the handheld console.

Anyway….enough of that. We like the LeapsterGS and the LeapPad2 looks fab too! What was Peter Andre like do I hear you asking after all we all know him anyway don’t we after seeing him on our televisions so much? He was very smiley, very child friendly, quite distracted whilst trying to read a story by all the cute children interrupting him and he seems very genuine and kind.

Until I heard the screams and roars of the girls and women chasing Peter Andre around the store in the hope of getting his autograph I hadn’t quite realised what a big deal it was that I got to interview him. I think I probably cut the interview short…like you do…not, but  did manage to ask Peter whether his children had a favourite bedtime story. In true creative form Peter told us how he makes up ‘Dad’s Story’ and includes the children in the stories where they climb mountains and have magical fun times together.

I found out that Peter’s most treasured possession when he was a boy was a Kermit the Frog jumpsuit which he had until his Dad cut up one day leaving him devastated…and no he hasn’t bought one for his children. I particularly liked Peter’s best childhood memory he has of his family eating dinner together every night, something that I try to do with my children and also something that he does with his children. Such an important thing to do with children. He says the hardest thing is trying to ignore the phone and he will have a rule of no mobile phones at the table during dinner time.

Finally I asked Peter what he does when he has five minutes to himself in what must be a pretty hectic schedule. Working out in the gym, reading a book or cooking his favourite food, Italian. All slightly healthier than eating my chocolate and wine then!

We then had a lovely photo taken which rather looks like a family portrait so I won’t publish it to save us all from embarrassment…we’d make a lovely family though. 😉

Thank you to those that made it possible for the invite, the green cupcakes, green macaroons,the green juice, goody bags and for the fab day and once in a lifetime interview.

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One thought on “A Pad, a Leap, a Frog and Peter Andre

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