I have been wanting to see Green Lantern ever since seeing trailers for the film at the cinema but it’s very rare that I get to the cinema for a film with a rating higher than a U so I was really keen to review the DVD as part of the Tots100 Film club.

tots100 parent bloggers film clubTest pilot Hal Jordan ( Ryan Reynolds) likes taking risks but when he unexpectedly gets bestowed with a ring with magic powers by an alien that has crash landed on earth he finds himself left with the task of helping the Green Lantern Corps save the universe from enemy Parallax. The Green Lantern Corps are an elite force of protectors for keeping peace and justice throughout the universe. Hal has to learn how to use his super human powers which are controlled by will so that he can help fight Parallax who gets stronger by feeding on fear. With so many Green Lanterns dead Hal is the last chance.
The film also features Blake Lively as Hal’s love interest, Carol Ferris.
The film is just under two hours long but it went very quickly as there is so much going on in this action packed film. It is comical in places and the animation and special effects are great, we loved the different characters and creatures. Hal is a convincing pilot and I enjoyed his initial resistance to make use of his powers and help which goes against the grain for most ‘super heroes’. There is quite a lot of fantasy violence and gore which was enjoyed by the teens but it is definitely not a film for younger viewers, hence its ’12’ rating.
I really enjoyed the film and so did my 13 and 14 year old son and daughter however I felt the film ended a little abruptly and there were a few questions left and I wanted to know more. I expect it was left open with the hope of a sequel?
I would recommend Green Lantern, it is certainly one for the teens and I look forward to seeing if there is a Green Lantern 2.

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