We are Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom fans here so when asked by Entertainment One to review a Talking Nanny Plum Soft Toy we gladly accepted. For those of you that haven’t see Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Nanny Plum is Holly, Poppy and Daisy’s maid and teacher with the lovely distinctive voice. She always, well nearly always, knows best and is as much a lead character as Ben and Holly. This Nanny Plum soft toy is squeezed in the tummy to start saying her five phrases such as “Never use magic in anger it can be very dangerous” and “Are you ready for today’s fairy lesson?”

Recommended for ages 10+ months Nanny Plum comes in cardboard packaging brightly depicting the Kingdom and I was pleased that Nanny Plum was very easy to remove from the packaging. Light enough to be held by younger children and not too big the toy feels sturdy and well made. Not much pressure is needed to get Nanny Plum to speak which is also a bonus with younger children. It is soft enough to, I can imagine, become a favourite bedtime cuddly toy which is unusual with a toy that speaks. I am not sure this would be recommended though if a child rolls over and gets woken up by the delights of Nanny Plum in the middle of the night though. 🙂

At £10.99 RRP the toy is competitively priced and along with all the Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom toys is available from all good retailers. Have a look at the Facebook page for more information.

‘M’, aged 4 years, probably at the higher end of the maximum age range this is aimed at, really liked Nanny Plum and spent ages playing with her and I would definitely be tempted into buying this for a younger child. My only gripe is that the battery cannot be replaced so the speaking element of the toy has a limited life. However I am very impressed that not only is it soft and cuddly but it also speaks and I feel this is a bonus rather than it’s best feature. I would highly recommend this Talking Nanny Plum Soft Toy and award it a big 5 out of 5 cupcakes!

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