Little I has gone away with the school. She is only eight years old and it seems so young to be going away but she was so excited. The other children are quite envious that she is going to Stonehenge on this trip. However when I was packing her bag, and she was stressing over it, and I was stressing over it, it brought back memories of how much hard work gathering up five children is. Can you imagine how long it takes to pack for that many children and how much planning it takes? I certainly don’t miss that, good job we haven’t got any holidays booked then isn’t it. 😉

It also brought back memories of ‘the holiday from hell’ …have you ever had one of those? Well, just imagine that it was lucky we had contents insurance, medical insurance, E111 cards etc etc…

We had gone to Spain with four children in tow. After landing in Spain we managed to get lost on the way to villa, quite a bit lost actually. We arrived at villa and the children headed straight for the swimming pool, half an hour later Big E cut his foot in the pool, quite badly.  So we all piled back into the car and headed to the hospital which happened to be back towards the airport again.

Several hours later we arrived back at the villa with antibiotics and a couple of hundred pounds lighter.

The next day the children were desperate to get back into the pool, so after plastering them in sun cream, an hour long daily holiday ritual, they all jumped into the pool. “Mum…what’s this in the water? ” After a bit of investigation it appeared that the pool was infested with some horrible worm and snail creatures. All the children came out and after that we had to wait a couple of days for strong chemicals to make the pool safe.

Three days later we woke up to find that we had been burgled. That’s right! We lost a brand new digital camera, the children’s DS’s and other valuables. We then had to spend several hours in the police station reporting the burglary and claimed on our insurance when we got home.

The rest of the holiday was fairly uneventful, thank goodness until, the last night we went out for a meal with friends. Little I, aged 18 months, fell off the chair onto the stone floor…and broke her collar bone!

Moral? Don’t travel with children. 😉 Only joking!

I’m pleased to report that Little I is now back home, safe and well after having a great time exploring Stonehenge and Chedder Gorge despite the torrential rain we’ve had over the last week.

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One thought on “The Holiday from Hell

  1. Travelling with small children is NEVER easy; whether you have one or five! So glad she is home safe and sound; a mother is never calm if she doesn’t have them all under her roof.

    Posted on June 20, 2011 at 1:36 am