Please help, these are someone’s children and can you imagine if this atrocity was happening in our countries. It is unbearable to think about isn’t it.

More than 1 million children in west Libya are in serious danger as government forces clamp down on protesters and vie for control of key towns and cities – with as many as 700,000 children trapped in the capital Tripoli, too frightened or vulnerable to move. Ask the UK government to use its influence at the UN to help Libyan children.

Reports suggest that children are being killed and injured, and that tens of thousands could be driven from their homes. We’ll be able to help many of these children, but we’re still working to reach many more that are trapped in the conflict zone.

“I’m terrified, not feeling safe, and I’m afraid I’ll be an orphan,” one 13-year-old told us. “I’ve heard that fathers of my friends are being taken and ‘disappeared’.”

Libya stands on the brink of momentous change. It’s vital we all do what we can to ensure a better future for Libya’s children.

Take action by asking the UK government to use its position at the UN to:
put pressure on Libya to enable humanitarian agencies, including Save the Children, to get help to the most vulnerable children in the most dangerous places
put children’s rights front and centre in their enquiries into abuses in Libya.
Ask the government to act now – please email UK Foreign Secretary William Hague.

It’s no good saying I’ll do it tomorrow, we have to act now. These children are being killed and injured now! I cannot imagine the horrors but my stomach churns at the thought. If just clicking on a link can help, or sending a brief email, there could be hope and we may be able to make a difference. Please Take Action the more of us that do the more chance we can do something. These children deserve a life!

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  1. Fab post Nova, have already done so yesterday, off to retweet you so others will too. x

    Posted on March 5, 2011 at 10:08 am