I’ve been using Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty for a few weeks now. A complete age maintenance system that claims to be Cindy’s personal secret for beautiful, radiant, younger looking skin it consists of five facial skin care products and two bonus products.

The products

  • Cleanse
  • Maintenance 1- daily moisturiser
  • Maintenance 2- Night fluid
  • Eye Cream
  • Masque
  • Decollete and neck cream – bonus product
  • Glowing serum- bonus product

The Packaging

The products arrived in a lovely white box and were in a reusable waterproof bag. The white bottles have lilac writing and the lids are silver, giving an aesthetically pleasing look that wouldn’t look out of place in an upmarket hotel.

The Claims

  • Helps smooth the appearance of wrinkles
  • Helps reduce pore size
  • Brightens the complexion
  • Helps reduce roughness

The results

The cleanser did it’s job perfectly leaving my skin feeling clean and soft, and not at all tight.

The daily moisturiser was more than adequate for my dry skin if I used it with the serum or another serum but not quite rich enough on it’s own. It does have a SPF of 8 which is better than none at all but I prefer to use products with a much higher protection.

The night fluid left my skin feeling tight but also very soft.

I was very impressed with the eye cream, luxuriously thick it glided on but didn’t make the eyes puffy that some other thick creams can do.

The instructions for the masque were to apply to the full face or the t-zone so I thought that maybe it would be drying for my sensitive skin but in fact it wasn’t at all and my skin felt very soft after using it.

The decollete and neck cream is to be used at night but unfortunately I seemed to be allergic to it so can’t comment further than the first use.

As mentioned above I needed the serum to ensure the day cream was moisturising enough for my dry skin and it seemed to work but I am not keen on the smell of it, a minor issue which didn’t stop me using it though.

A thirty day introductory set of the products can be purchased at Meaningful Beauty for £29.99


I haven’t noticed any difference to the appearance of my wrinkles or pore size and my skin doesn’t look any brighter but it does feel extremely soft. Unfortunately I don’t think this range of products is particularly suited for my dry and sensitive skin so I won’t be purchasing it myself but I am a great believer that different products are needed for different skin types so for someone prone to less dry skin this could be perfect. I also like the eye cream and masque so will continue using them.

I therefore award Cindy Crawford’s Meaningful Beauty a two out of five cupcakes award

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