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January 17, 2011 · 34 comments

Recently I’ve been feeling a little exhausted and irritable. Not having anyone to say at the end of the day, “Please take the baby” or “Can you do bedtime tonight?” “I can’t face cooking tonight,how about a take away?” when I have five children can be hard at times. I’ve not had a single day to myself in months, even since the children have been back to school I’ve had at least one child off sick….but hey I am not looking for sympathy, there are a lot of us out there.

However this weekend I had a whole thirty hours to myself, to do with whatever I chose. I cannot tell you what bliss that was. I could have gone out in the evening but  decided instead to stay in and just relax, chill and listen to the silence.

I met a friend for lunch, it was so wonderful to sit down on a Saturday lunchtime, drinking a glass of wine, eating risotto and having a long long chat. It felt so grown up and naughty! I could feel all my worries melt away and my shoulders relax for a while.

Then I did a little retail therapy, I had forgotten how much fun it is to go shopping with another adult, swapping beauty secrets…looking at bags we can’t afford. I treated myself to some perfume in the sale, it felt very decadent but so good. We all need to treat ourselves sometimes.

When I got home to do more of nothing, with a smile on my face feeling totally relaxed for the first time in ages, I saw this tweet from Liz at Living With Kids: And it is…It’s the little things that make such a difference, a smile from your tiny baby, a hug or the first time they say, “I love you,” being giving flowers or receiving an unexpected letter from a friend. So I thought I’d list other ways that make me feel better, special, relaxed and treated that don’t necessarily cost anything at all or not very much.

  • A deep bubble bath with candles burning all around the edge
  • Giving myself a facial, the works;  scrub, mask, cucumber!
  • Being given flowers or buying myself flowers, I treated myself to roses this week, they weren’t expensive and the pleasure they give me is worth every penny
  • Reading a book
  • Someone else cooking a meal
  • Painting my nails, I feel pampered and elegant and doing my finger nails feels extra special
  • Buying a new lipstick like Liz did. Wearing the same lipstick for years doesn’t feel special,buy a new one it doesn’t have to be expensive
  • Getting a new recipe book, that gives me a lot of pleasure and is a real treat
  • A kiss
  • Someone saying “You look great!”

What makes a difference to you? Let me know and if I get enough I will compile another post with links.

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